Legal Assistance from the DCCFA

Article IV, Section 2 of the DCCFA Bylaws: The legal assistance fund will be used to provide legal assistance and other necessary help for DCCFA members involved in contractual and/or academic freedom disputes within the Dallas County Community College District. The council will supervise the expenditure of these funds and selection of an attorney.

Article IV, Section 3 of the DCCFA Bylaws: Faculty are not eligible to receive legal assistance funds unless they have been active DCCFA members in good standing for the two academic years immediately prior to such request. This requirement may be waived in the first two years of employment for faculty who have been members in good standing since employment.

Procedure for Requesting Legal Assistance from the DCCFA

1. Obtain from the president of the Faculty Council, the campus DCCFA president, or the legal chapter of the DCCFA an application for legal advice. NOTE: Links to the forms are at the bottom of this page

2. Complete all forms and return to the Faculty Council.

3. If the request is approved by the Council, the Faculty Council arranges for an attorney visit with the client.

4. The Council member from the represented college will accompany the client during all consultations with the attorney.

5. The attorney will advise the Faculty Council whether to proceed with the case.

6. The Faculty Council will consider the attorney’s evaluation and recommendations and make the determination for any further action. The decision to initiate or terminate legal action rests with the Faculty Council.

7. If the faculty member (client) is not satisfied with the recommendations made by the attorney or the decision made by the Council, a final meeting with the Faculty Council may be requested by the client. The client will be notified after Council deliberations.

DCCFA Legal Assistance Philosophy and Statement of Purpose

DCCFA Procedure for Requesting Legal Assistance

DCCFA Application for Legal Assistance

DCCFA Legal Assistance Questionnaire

DCCFA Legal Assistance Recommendation Form(post-consultation)